D.Pharm means Diploma in Pharmacy. In India, students can study this education course after successfully completing Standard Twelve in science stream with Physics, Chemistry and either Biology as subjects. The person who has completed D.Pharm can be employed as pharmacist in shops selling medicine (Pharmacy). It has been made mandatory that at least one person employed in pharmacy must have qualified D.Pharm. After completion of D.Pharm, a student can go for degree (under graduate) course of B.Pharm in India. Pharmacy interlinks health sciences and medical sciences. It is the leading science based Research and Development industry of India and its low cost of research over the Western countries has given it a potential advantage for future developments. Recently, Government of India has allowed 100% FDI in the drugs and pharmaceutical sector that has also facilitated foreign Pharma players to move to India and induce Indian Pharma market to attain global standards. As a result of its wide range capabilities in drug manufacturing and technology, it is worth $ 4.5 billion industry in India, at present and estimated to be $ 31.59 billion by 2020. Sun Pharma, Biocon, Cadilla Healthcare, Piramal Life Sciences, Cipla, Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy’s Lab, Lupin and Wockardt are hot employers,that offer various lucrative job prospects to professionals in this industry in India.

Opportunities :

  • Pharmacist
  • Drug Therapist
  • Hospital Drug Coordinator
  • Health Inspector
  • Preparing Prescription to Patients
  • Drug Inspector
  • Chemical / Drug Technician
  • Research Officer
  • Pathological Lab

A Bachelor of Pharmacy (abbreviated B Pharm or BS Pharm) is an undergraduate academic degree in the field of pharmacy. The degree is the basic prerequisite for registration to practice as a pharmacist in many countries. It’s training to understand the properties and impacts of medicines and developing the skills required to counsel patients about their use. B Pharm holders can work in several fields such as being a pharmacist, patient counseling, doing further studies such as master degree, working in a university as a lecturer, or working as a drug information specialist. The pharmacy industry is one such industry that thrives on research and development for the research of new drugs, process development, formulation, development, clinical trials and Toxicological Studies.

Analysis and Testing : Analysis and testing go hand in hand with this industry specially in order to maintain a proper Quality control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA). For the same highly skilled staff is required by companies to handle sensitive analytical dealings and sophisticated equipment.

Production and Manufacturing :The options of working in production and manufacturing are huge. Pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturing units employ B.Pharm Fresher and experienced persons to look after the daily operations and quality of formulations.

Marketing : B.Pharmacy fresher are employed in marketing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices as Medical Representatives (MR) . Career growth in marketing depends on the networking ability, knowledge and communication skills.

Hospitals & Health care : The pharmacists in the hospitals have a great demand for prescribing a drug Therefore, Pharmacy graduates have important role and can earn attractive remuneration and can occupy strategic positions.

M aster of Pharmacy [M.Pharm] is a postgraduate course in the field of pharmacy. This course deals with the aspects related with pharmacy. It is concerned with the division of health and chemical science which ensures the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drug. The duration of Master of Pharmacy [M.Pharm] is 2 years spread over four semesters. The minimum eligibility for this course is a recommended minimum score of 50% in Bachelor of pharmacy from any recognized university or equivalent. The average tuition fee of Master of Pharmacy [M.Pharm] ranges from INR 50,000 to INR 1 lakh in government colleges and INR 2 lakh to 5 lakh in private colleges. Usually an entrance test is taken for the purpose of admission in this course. Most of the colleges accept the scores of relevant entrance test. After that an interview round may follow for selection process.

Specialization areas in M.Pharm :

  • M.Pharm in Bio pharmaceutics
  • M.Pharm in Drug Regulatory Affairs
  • M.Pharm in Biotechnology
  • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • M.Pharm in Medicinal Natural Products
  • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Technology
  • M.Pharm in Bulk Drugs
  • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance
  • M.Pharm in Industrial Pharmacy
  • M.Pharm in Clinical Pharmacy
  • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Administration
  • M.Pharm in Medicinal Chemistry
  • M.Pharm in Drug Discovery and Development
  • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Technology and Bio pharmaceutics
  • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • M.Pharm in Pharmacology
  • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Marketing Management
  • M.Pharm in Phytopharmaceuticals and Natural products
  • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • M.Pharm in Quality Assurance
  • M.Pharm in Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
  • M.Pharm in Pharmacy Practice
  • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics

A fter M.Pharm in Pharmacy students are hired to work as project assistants at research institute or research fellows. Here they are required to assist and work on a particular project this makes them gain experience and move ahead in research field. In corporate sector students with higher capabilities are selected for deserving positions e.g. Cadila, Glenmark, Dr.Reddy’s Lab, Cipla and more .These companies also do campus recruitment where students get a better chance to demonstrate their skills.

For Higher studies : After a M.Pharm in pharmacy there are various opportunities for the individual, they can either go for higher studies like Ph.D through GATE and other entrances for improving their skills and up gradation of their degree or they can go for jobs in the chemical companies, research institutes, Pharma companies ,even universities and colleges.

Overseas career : Some of the M.Pharm are choosing to fly overseas and make their career bright. By scoring well in GRE, TOEFL, IELTS etc entrances they can pursue MBA and other pharmacy related courses in US, UK, Australia etc.

Clinical research : They can work as CP. Clinical programmer is required to coordinate and monitor the tasks in the laboratories, implementing data management plans designed to meet project and protocol deadlines, and consults in the design and development of clinical trials, protocols, and case report forms, analyzes and evaluation of clinical data, recognizes inconsistencies, and initiates the resolution of data problems.

Production : Large rate of vacancies are appearing in pharm industries for production. All the big firms invite suitable skill pharm individual in manufacturing units. Initial pay is less around 15000-20000 per month but later it show faster growth rate than any other line. Manufacture of pharmaceuticals involve all the drugs in different dosage forms and cosmetics.

Scientists : Pharma graduates can absorb as scientist in R&D and F&D. It is field of innovation where talented people in pharmacy working as scientist. Numerous researches are going on in India though compare to less than US and other British industries. Most of the candidates from M.Pharm are selected because they are greater in skills and have application of knowledge.

Quality control : They have to develop, apply, revise, and maintain quality standards for processing materials into partially finished or finished products. Helps in designing and implementing methods and procedures for inspecting, testing, and evaluating the precision and accuracy of products and prepares documentation for inspection testing procedures.

Professor : Post graduates in pharmacy are most welcomed in this field. They are paid up to 25000 in good institutions. They can work as professor. It is very trustworthy position where you have to build up skills in new comers in pharmacy. They have to give complete information of practicals and theory to students and developed encyclopedia between students.

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