A Personal Interview round for B-schools is the most integral part of the selection process. In many of the top B-schools, the weightage of PI rounds for generating merit list is highest. Hence it is of utmost importance for MBA aspirants to know how to prepare for Personal Interview rounds. To assist them for preparation, ESTEEM INFOCON brings the top questions to prepare for Personal Interview or PI rounds. Previous years’ CAT toppers, currently pursuing management studies from top B-schools in India share their PI experience and based on that we enlist top questions to prepare for PI rounds. Know preparation tips for Personal Interview round here in this article.
As you begin your preparation for Personal Interview round, you must be well aware and acquainted with the question types which are most commonly asked by the panellists. Take a look at the top questions asked in PI rounds of B-schools and how to prepare for these PI questions.

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Current affairs – Politics, Economics, Business, Social events, demographics, Sports, Literature, Entertainment, Awards and Recognition
Educational background
Social background
Work experience
Hobbies and interests
Your performance or points presented in Group Discussion/Written Ability Test
Your CV or SOP
Tell us about yourself
What is the meaning of your name? (Typically used as an icebreaker and if you have an uncommon name)
Why do you wish to do an MBA?
What are your plans after an MBA?
How will your MBA support your goal?
How does your academic background relate to your goal?
What are your strengths, give examples?
What are your weaknesses, give examples?
What are your short-term long-term goals?
Elaborate on your work experience.
How relevant is your experience?
Why do you want to join a particular institute?
Which specialisation do you want to opt for?
What are your hobbies/interests? (Technical questions on the same)